Mobile Website


Help your business speed ahead of your competitors with result-oriented, custom-made mobile websites by CodeMunks

Do you still have no concept of a mobile website?
Is getting success out of your mobile website a nut too tough to grind for you?
Do you want to mushroom your outreach to customers all over the world?
Do you wish to stay ahead of the curve amidst changing business trends?
Is your business not performing as per your expectations?
Do you wish to gain an edge over your competitors and business rivals?
Are you longing for a solution to connect to your employees and associates while on the go?

If YES is your problem, CodeMunks is your solution.

Why mobile website development services is important for your business

The importance of having a replica of your business website onto the mobile platform can hardly be taken too lightly.

If your IT business is not faring well in the longer run and you are failing to magnetize quality customers, then it’s indeed a wake-up call for you. Give it no second thought; here’s the doctor’s order for you – get a dynamic mobile website for your business and that’s all you need to get wet in the downpour of more customers and a never-before brand recognition.

Brilliance is born at CodeMunks. It’s brought up here. And it is then passed on to our clients to work wonders for their businesses. The same thing holds verity for CodeMunks mobile website development services. We design, develop, manage and we market – we do it all – with an exquisite service portfolio of mobile websites to help you reach your business objectives.

Build Mobile Website, What For?

  • YouTube alone registers more than 100 million views a day through mobile devices.
  • More than 35% of users on Facebook and Twitter access the social networks using mobile devices.
  • Over 85% of handsets sold globally every year include web browsers.
  • More than 80% of mobile Internet users use their device for reading newspapers and watching TV.
  • More than 30% of total Internet traffic comes from smartphones, tablets and other similar gadgets.
  • More than 50% of all searches made on Internet come from smartphones and mobile devices.

Mobile Website Development – The CodeMunks Pro Factor

Here’s why you must not underestimate the importance of having a mobile website:

  • Most competitive prices in the industry
  • High-end, user-oriented web development
  • Quickest development time with round-the-clock support
  • Mobile marketing services mapped with latest, effective strategies
  • Unique, dazzling and professional designs
  • Complete data integration and access to ongoing mobile maintenance